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'UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 'Article 12

"Every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously."

Pupil Parliament 2018/2019

Promoting British Values.
We’ve always had a School Council or a Junior Leadership Team but this year we decided to make a change. We have learnt a lot about the way Parliament works and how MPs are elected and decided to try it for ourselves!
We set a date and announced the Quarry Bank Primary School General Election to establish the first Pupil Parliament.
Pupils were nominated to stand for Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Each of them had to present their ideas to the whole school. Then we set up the polling stations and everybody had the chance to vote.
Congratulations went to:
  • Prime Minister - Esme
  • Deputy Prime Minister - Jack

After that they selected their own Cabinet of Ministers.
Congratulations to:

  • Anti-bullying Ministers - Pepper, Cara, Jessica, Ruby, Megan
  • Minister for Rights - Khuene
  • Ministers for Sport - Kaysee, Luke, Oliver, Jack, Bayley
  • Minister for the Environment - Melissa
  • Minister for Behaviour - Kyah
  • Ministers for Mathematics - Harry, Keegan, Summer
  • Ministers for English - Grace, Destiny, Ruth
  • Ministers for Science - Tyrese
  • Press Officers - Lail and Ellie

We know that our Ministers will work hard on our behalf because

"When you feel part of it, you put your heart into it"

Over the last few years we have been working with Dr Roger Morgan OBE and taken part in the Pupils2Parliament Scheme. 
This scheme enables us and other pupils across the country to discuss, debate and give their views on matters for public consultation.
After discussion we even get to express our personal opinion by voting- just like they do in the real Parliament. 
Taking part in the scheme helps us to understand how decisions are made in our country and makes sure that children’s thoughts get taken into account too. 
At Quarry Bank Primary School we think that it is important that everyone has an opinion and that their opinion is listened to and heard.
We don’t always agree but we learn how to disagree courteously and with respect.
It is great to know that some of our ideas are taken back to Parliament Ministers and help them to make important decisions.
Here are a few of the reports about the topics that we have discussed.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

We have a team of dedicated Anti- Bullying Ambassadors who work with staff to ensure that everyone feels happy and safe at our school.
We are fortunate to be a part of The Diana Award - Anti-Bullying Alliance-. Some of our Ambassadors have received training to help them in their role.
We are proud to say that previously we have received royal recognition for the work our Anti Bullying Ambassadors have done in school and we hope to continue with such good work – supporting each other and making a difference to our school.

As Ambassadors we work closely with our Learning Mentor and we are always looking to find new ways for children to seek help if they are feeling unhappy, upset or bullied.
We share our ideas and spread the anti-bullying message by doing whole school assemblies, posters, leaflets and workshops. We like to plan theme days throughout the year but especially during Anti -Bullying Week.

A previous pupil wrote a rap that’s helps us to remember the importance of spreading spreading the  Anti- Bullying message- he even performed it to Prince William!

If there's a bully in school, we can't ignore it

Record it, Report it, don't support it

If there's a bully in school, we can't ignore it

We love our school, it's where we feel safe

So our message to you bullies "get out of our space"

Record it, Report it, don't support it

If there's a bully in school we simply can't ignore it

Record it, Report it, don't support it

If there's a bully in school, we can't ignore it

If you see something happening that you know is not right

You gotta tell someone, we can then put it right.

Record it, Report it, don't support it

If there's a bully in school, we can't ignore it

Record it, Report it, don't support it

If there's a bully in school, we can't ignore it

We have a right to be happy, a right to be safe

We don't want any bullies spoiling our place.

Record it, Report it, don't support it

 ‘Pupils say that they are solution focussed to solve behaviour issues if the arise.’ (Ofsted November 2017)

‘Pupils have a deep understanding of what bullying is. They say bullying hardly ever happens but if it does, staff sort it out then and there.’ (Ofsted November 2017)

Pride of Quarry Bank Awards 2018

Every year, at the start of Anti-bullying week, we hold our annual ‘Pride of Quarry Bank Awards’ Ceremony.
This is an event organised by the pupils, for the pupils. 
It is a chance for us, the pupils to recognise the importance of somebody’s personal qualities such as their kindness, friendliness, helpfulness or to praise their general behaviour and their attitudes.
Each year we decide upon a set of categories. This year, the categories were:
Good Role Model 
Team Player.
Everyone has the chance to nominate others saying why they think they deserve the award. 
The winners are announced in our ‘Pride of Quarry Bank ‘Awards Ceremony.
We are proud to say that have run this event now for seven years – it’s a real success.
Congratulations to our 2018 winners:

Friendship Award

Amber-Leigh, Evie, Blake, Pepper, Erin, Skye, Macy, Taylor, Charlie, Issac.

Good Role Model

Lily, Charlotte, Travis, Danielle, Ava-Faith, Millie, Roxy, Jack, Jaimee-Leigh, Holly.

Team Player

Joshua, Archie, Jacob-Jay, Millie, Khuene, Cara, Andy, Harrison, Kayley, Liam, Shiloh-Cruz.

‘Pupils show a genuine pleasure in one another’s achievements’.
Ofsted November 2017

Our Rights Respecting Ethos

In 1989 Governments across the world promised all children the same rights by adopting the ‘UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.’
The Convention says what countries must do so that all children grow as healthy as possible, can learn at school, are protected, have their views listened to and are treated fairly.
Having previously achieved level 1 recognition from UNICEF for our work on promoting the ‘Rights of the Child’, we continue to embed our understanding of the United Nations Convention.
When she visited us, Frances Bestley RRSA Programme Director wrote: 
“The school has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Relationships between pupils and staff are very supportive. Anti-bullying work is very strong. Opinion boards used across the school provide a clear mechanism for children to express their views on topical and difficult issues.” 
Frances Bestley RRSA Programme Director

Ofsted (November 2017) also complimented our ethos.

'Pupils show a high level of respect for one another and all adults in the school. Pupils also have a high level of respect for people of other faiths or cultures'. Ofsted - November 2017

Project GambiaTeam

Through our work with other schools we have found out a lot about life in Gambia – especially the communities of Half Dye and Madiana. 
Several of our teachers have visited and worked on projects in Gambia. They plan to visit again in April 2019 to see how the work is progressing.
Meanwhile, back in school we continue to support Project Gambia by having theme days, running appeals such as the shoe box appeal and Sole 2 Sole.

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